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Consumer law is the legal field that legally guarantees consumer rights. As Anadolu Attorneyship and Law Firm, consumer law within our fields of activity covers all consumer-related processes.

Consumer; It is the name given to legal or natural persons who perform their actions for commercial or non-professional purposes. Under the Law No. 6502, the person who buys and uses a good or service is protected. However, the most important element of the consumer is to use the goods or services. For example, it is not the consumer who buys a shaver for sale.

Another important concept in consumer law is the consumer process. In order for a transaction to be a consumer transaction, it must be carried out by the consumer and the seller. Transactions between these two parties should not be done for a commercial and professional purpose. consumer transactions refer to the contracts and law transactions that exist between public legal entities and the consumer in the goods or services market.

Scope of the Consumer Law

Consumer law is regulated under the Consumer Law. Accordingly, consumer law; In the event of a damaged or defective goods or service, it is a branch of law that is used to reach a compromise between the buyer and the seller. Today, consumer law has become an important issue with increasing consumption and having more contact with consumers and sellers. Because many consumers are not satisfied with the service they receive in return for the fee they provide. Sellers, who insist on not returning or repairing defective and defective goods, are faced with the lawsuits filed by consumers. However, it is not possible to state that the seller is at fault in all cases. In some cases, it may occur in problems arising from the use error. At this point, both the plaintiff, the consumer and the defendant, the seller, must be able to defend himself in legal ways and seek his right.

Consumer court

The court that consumers will apply in case of problems with the products and services they purchase is the Consumer Court. The duty of the consumer courts is stated in accordance with the 6501 Consumer Law, as “Consumer courts are in charge of disputes arising from consumer transactions and consumer practices”. Consumers who apply to the consumer court can defend their rights and gain their legal rights regarding the products and services they purchase.

Consumer Law Attorney

The consumer law lawyer is the lawyer who specializes in this field. Having a lot of knowledge and experience about consumer law, consumer law and consumer courts, the consumer law lawyer ensures that the lawsuit results in the fairest decision, taking into account the rights of the defendant and the plaintiff parties. If you are experiencing any problems with a product or service you have purchased and cannot solve this problem by reconciling with the seller, you can benefit from the consumer law attorney service we offer as Anadolu Law Firm. Remember, in order for the case to proceed flawlessly and for the fairest result, you must get support from a professional and expert person. You can contact us for more information.

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