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Inheritance law is one of the areas of law we operate as Anadolu Law Firm and Law Firm. Inheritance law is a branch of law that includes the savings made on the property of people after their death.

Inheritance refers to the survival of the assets that people earn while living, after their death. the state is engaged in the point of people staying near their assets after death. According to the state, after the death of the people, whoever they want the assets remains with. In other words, people have the freedom to inherit the people they want. This is formalized with documents called testaments. However, if the person does not have any demand in this direction, the property of the deceased remains to the closest people who are alive. In other words, if the child and wife of the deceased are alive, they will be inherited. If they are not, they stay with their brothers, mother and father. In the event that the brothers, mother and father of the deceased are also not alive, the heritage is left to the nephews. If the deceased person has no relatives in life, the heritage is transferred to the state treasury.

How to Share Cost in Heritage?

Inheritance sharing is done through the degree system. In this direction, firstly, it starts from first degree heirs. In the absence of first degree heirs, second and third degree heirs come into play. In this context, the spouse of the inheritor has a certain inheritance right with each degree.

In the heritage, the person who takes place in the first row of each class, in other words, is called the head of the clan. In case the clan head lives, the people in the subsites do not have legal rights. first degree. The clan head found were the children of the heir. The second branch head is mother and father. It is known that the third group is grandparents.

First Class Inheritors

The first heirs on the death of the person who left the inheritance are the heirs in the first group. Includes the children, grandchildren and people born after them of the inheritor. The child of the heir is considered to be the head of the clan. Children have an equal share of inheritance. If the children are dead, the share of each child equally passes to their child. However, the spouse or adopted child of the deceased child is not counted as an heir. Blood ties are based.

Second Degree Heirs

The mother and father of the deceased’s inheritors of the second degree heirs. In order for the mother and father to be heirs, no one should stay from the first group. Mother and father have equal rights. If the inheritor’s mother and father are dead, their subsets will be heirs. In other words, the brothers become heirs.

Third Group Inheritors

Upon the death of the inheritor, if there is no one of the first and second groups, the inheritance is left to the heirs of the third group. It is the grandmother and grandfather of the deceased. Instead of the grandmother and grandfather who died before the inheritor himself, he is considered an altsoy heir. In other words, the uncle, uncle, aunt and aunt of the deceased have the right to inherit equally. Still, the death of the uncle, uncle and aunt prevents the inheritance of the subsets. If there is no survivor and inheritance from the third group, the inheritance is automatically transferred to the state.

What Is Inheritance?

The inheritance case refers to the lawsuits filed against the subjects covered by inheritance law. With the death of the heir, the parties related to the disputes in the sharing of goods can sue each other. At this point, the parties can open an inheritance case and defend their legal rights by contacting inheritance lawyers.

We serve you in the field of inheritance law attorneys at Anadolu Law Firm. If you have problems in the heritage area and want to solve these problems by legal means, you can contact us.

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