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What is Labor Law?

Business law; It is a type of law that contains all the issues related to the worker, employer and the job, and regulates the problems that may arise between the employee and the employer in accordance with the laws. Labor law addresses all events within the scope of the Labor Law. Within the scope of labor law and labor law legislation, there are all kinds of employees and employers to prevent any grievances. Today, many problems can occur between employers and workers due to various reasons. Resolving these problems within the framework of the laws prevents victimization on both sides. Accordingly, his law; the wages paid to the employee can be summarized as a whole, which deals with conflicts between the employer and the employee, regulates the existing relations with institutions such as the SSI, finding and finding jobs, and regulates the rules that the employee and employer must follow. One of the most important concepts that we encounter within the scope of labor law is labor law lawyer. So, what is a labor law lawyer, what are their duties?

What is Business Lawyer?

Labor law attorney, as the name implies, is a lawyer providing services within the scope of labor law. Lawyers can provide a much higher quality service to their clients by specializing in certain areas. For this reason, the labor law lawyer is also the lawyers who dominate the labor law legislation and labor law. As Anadolu Law and Consultancy Office, we provide consultancy to our clients in this field by operating in the field of business law. So, what is the scope of the labor law lawyer service I offer as Anadolu Law and Consultancy Office? What are the duties and responsibilities of a job lawyer?

The labor lawyer can provide consultancy services to both employers and employees. At this point, we can state that labor lawyers have the knowledge and experience to defend the rights of both workers and companies. In our country, there are many more cases of labor law brought by employers. However, it is not possible to state that the employer is guilty and the worker is the victim in every case. Labor law lawyers can defend the rights of both the employer and the worker within the scope of the labor law legislation. We can explain in which cases firms or employees can request assistance from the labor lawyer as follows.

In which cases should you apply to a Labor Law Lawyer?

As Anadolu Law and Consultancy Office, we talked about employers and employees that we offer consultancy in the field of labor law. In this regard, employers or employees can get consultancy services in the field of labor law by applying to our office in the following cases.

In the event that the employer does not provide the necessary legal rights to the employee (annual leave, weekly leave, compensation, etc.)
In case the employer wants to dismiss the employee for unfair reasons,
If the employer employs uninsured workers
In the event that the employer employs workers for longer than the legal working period,
In the event that the employee materializes the employer financially,
In case of disputes between the employee and the employer,
In the solution of the problems related to union activities,
In cases where situations contrary to work safety are detected,
In the event that the rights of employees, such as occupational accidents and occupational diseases, are ignored, the employer or employees can contact our office that serves as Anadolu Law and Consultancy Office.

Anadolu Law and Consultancy Office Labor Law Lawyer

As Anadolu Law and Consultancy Office, if you apply to our office in the cases mentioned above, it is necessary to open lawsuits related to labor law, to follow up, to prepare documents such as employee defense letters, warning and termination notifications, to prepare contracts such as worker regulations, employment contracts, and regulations on occupational health and safety. We offer the necessary consultancy in the application of workplaces, material and moral damages. You can get consultancy support from our lawyers who are experts in the field of business law, knowledgeable and experienced. You can contact us for detailed information on the subject.

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