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Enforcement and bankruptcy law is one of the areas of law in which we operate as Anadolu Law Firm and Law Firm. As can be understood from its name, lawsuits filed to meet the debts of those who do not pay their debts are within the scope of enforcement and bankruptcy law. Enforcement and bankruptcy cases are opened at the request of the creditor. The fulfillment of the debt is carried out on goods transported by the state or unable to meet. This situation has been made legal within the framework of laws. Therefore, how the debts will be collected from the creditor is clearly determined by law. However, there is a legal process to collect debt from the debtor and it is extremely important to follow this process. The said follow-up should be done by lawyers. Lawyers who have mastered enforcement and bankruptcy law and are experts in this field can closely follow their clients’ cases. Because follow-up is very important in enforcement and bankruptcy cases. It is possible to state that the course of the case will change if critical dates such as the due date are missed. At this point, the lawyer should also be aware of enforcement and bankruptcy legislation.

How to Execute Tracking?

As mentioned above, the most important stage of enforcement and bankruptcy cases is enforcement proceedings. In case of non-enforcement proceedings, the case is likely to drop. Enforcement proceedings are analyzed in two ways, as party follow-up and enforcement proceedings. Party follow-up transactions are follow-up procedures that give shape and direction to the follow-up made by the parties within the follow-up procedure. Enforcement proceedings are expressed as the transactions that ensure the progress of the execution made by the executive organs to the debtor. It is extremely important for the course of the case to be carried out correctly in both cases. In addition, the executive; It is divided into two as individual and collective enforcement proceedings.

How is the Execution Receivable Collection Made?

In enforcement and bankruptcy law, there are various methods for collecting debt from the debtor. These methods are in the form of execution or bankruptcy. Debt from the borrower; It can be collected in the form of execution or bankruptcy. Legally, the immovable or immovables of the debtor can be seized. In the enforcement and bankruptcy law, there are methods for whether legal proceedings will be initiated, how the goods will be confiscated if the debt is not paid during the follow-up phase, and the conversion of the confiscated goods. collection of debt through enforcement and how to convert the purchased goods into money are carried out in full compliance with the law. The creditor’s close follow-up directly affects the speed at which the file is settled. Therefore, enforcement and bankruptcy law lawyers are extremely important to follow the file. Otherwise, it is highly probable that the process will be extended in enforcement and bankruptcy cases. In order to collect debt of their receivables easily and quickly, they need to get support from an expert and knowledge lawyer in this field.

Enforcement and Bankruptcy Law Lawyer

Enforcement and bankruptcy law lawyer refers to lawyers who develop themselves in this field of law and offer consultancy services to their clients. Anadolu Law Firm and Law Firm offer consultancy services to defendant and plaintiff parties with our experienced and experienced lawyers in this field. If you have problems in the field of enforcement and bankruptcy law and want to resolve this problem by getting professional support, all you need to do is contact Anadolu Law Firm.

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