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Real estate law is the field of law in which properties called real estate are handled within the framework of legal rights. Real estate law, also called real estate law, covers a very large area. Issues such as expropriation related to immovables, problems occurring in lease contracts, deed transactions constitute the field of immovable law. In real estate law cases, the way in which both the defendant and the plaintiff should follow and how the proceedings will proceed are dealt with within the laws. The fact that people do not have sufficient knowledge and experience about this area of ​​law causes them to be wronged while being right. In this regard, it is extremely important to get a consultancy service from the real estate lawyer in such cases, which usually involves high amounts. We can list the fields of activity of real estate law lawyers and the subjects of real estate law cases as follows.

Deed Cases

Title deed cases involving types of cases such as deed cancellation or deed registration are related to deed that are organized in a way that does not comply with real estate law. The grievances experienced in this direction can be eliminated by land registry cases. As it includes the right to property, it is necessary to apply to the Civil Courts of First Instance. The case must be followed by a real estate lawyer by applying to the Civil Courts of First Instance at the location of the move.

Employment Cases

Occupation cases involve the occupation of immovable by other people. There is no timeout in these cases. Employment lawsuits can be filed to the Civil Courts of First Instance by the persons and their heirs, whose possession is unjustly taken away.

Lease Cases

Lease cases are the most comprehensive area in real estate cases. Lease cases that can be filed by the landlord or the tenant are usually opened in cases such as rent not paid or an unfair hike. Tenants or landlords who do not comply with the increase in the lease in the rental agreement can file a case with the Magistrates’ Courts.

Izaley-i Shuyu Lawsuits

In the immovables with more than one partner, izaley-i şuyu cases can be opened to end the partnership. The case should be filed with the Magistrates’ Courts where the real estate is located.

Expropriation Cases

In expropriation lawsuits, expropriation is realized by paying the fees of the transportations such as land and private property, considering the public interest. These cases often appear in land and land. However, it can be the subject of expropriation cases in buildings such as houses and apartments. Highways and municipalities can open these cases.

In addition to the cases mentioned above, we can state that real estate cases are one of the most important parts of property law. In this context, real estate law can also be applied in disputes arising under the property law.

Real Estate Attorney Functions

Real estate law attorneys are the lawyers who respect the rights of the defendant and the plaintiff parties and make the necessary guidance in real estate law cases. Real estate lawyers are people who specialize in the above-mentioned cases such as expropriation lawsuits, izaley-i şuyu lawsuits, land registry lawsuits and rental cases, and have all the necessary knowledge in this regard. According to the validity, although the defendant and the plaintiff are not obliged to hire a lawyer in real estate cases, a real estate lawyer is needed in order to defend the rights of the people in a lawful way. Defendant and plaintiff parties can open and follow their immovable cases themselves, as well as benefit from the knowledge and experience of a specialist lawyer. Because there are different technical aspects in real estate cases. A small detail to be overlooked by the parties can cause the loss of the case. Parties’ consultancy from an expert lawyer in immovable lawsuits ensures that the proceedings are easier to follow and minimizes any errors that may occur. Immovable lawsuits are cases brought before the Civil Courts of First Instance and Magistrates’ Courts. If you also need support in these areas, you can take advantage of the real estate law service that Anadolu Law and Consultancy Office offers. You can contact us for more information.

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